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EXPECT to be a little nervous when signing up for your first trip.  This is normal!  We hear quite often, ‘I (we) won’t know anyone’.  Well, perfect!  Upon your arrival on your trip, our friendly Adventure Coordinators will comfortably introduce you to other fellow adventurers.  All of our trips include a fun Icebreaker/Welcome Party to ensure an exciting start.  In addition, there are several organized social activities, meals and receptions.  Everyone always seems to make more new friends than they can possibly handle from one trip.  Keep in mind that everyone is in the same boat!

EXPECT a well-organized trip from start to finish.  From selecting an exciting destination to creating a fun itinerary to hand picking the perfect blend of activities and restaurants – we’ll have it planned for you.

EXPECT by the end of your trip for members to be connecting through social media, posting photos and talking about reuniting on a future 321adventurews trip.

What are you waiting for?  Get signed up for your first adventure now!

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